Web Design

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Website Design

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Customizable, high-performance based Web Design with software-defined and Managed CMS


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E-Commerce Solutions

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Customized E-Commerce Solutions patented layer of intelligence embedded into the predictive capabilities, and unique visibility


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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Search Engine & Advanced Address Resoltuion techniques controlled Solutions are provided  as a service anywhere and on any device with strategic 24/7 Data Availability



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Real-Time Database Solutions


Front/Backend DataBase Management solutions, fully managed  with continuous serviced  by DBA experts



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  Let us help you !


We have highly skilled team with Web Content Assembly Management solutions. Contact our Team, you wont regret!



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[tab title=”Web Technologies”]

  1. Consultation : Our Team members are constantly on consultation tasks due to high demand of our skill sets.
  2.  Design Ideas : Our Design Team is one of the best to provide better and innovative designs.
  3.  Construction : We are best at what we do… 
  4. Quality Assurance : We stand by our solutions and customer satisfaction is our no.1 priority.

[tab title=”Data Base Integration”]

  • ETL using DataMigrator, iWay’s ETL tool
  • Enterprise reporting and analysis using  Information Builders’ business intelligence tool
  • .NET application development
  • Java application development using J2EE application servers
  • EAI using integration brokers and ESBs
  • Custom applications using Microsoft Office


[tab title=”E-commerce”]

  • Shopping cart : Built to maximize the sale of any your business to keep the customers buying
  • Automatic taxes : Business owners don’t need to worry about state to state taxes while checking out
  • Multiple languages : We can support multiple languages for your business needs 
  • Accept credit cards : Make sure you get paid for your services and ensure best services. 
  • Secure shopping cart : highly encrypted shopping cart with 
  • Abandoned checkout recovery:
  • 70 payment gateways :


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