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Technology to Deliver knowledge !

Virtual Remote Group has consulted many district-level educational instituations in Los Angeles county. Rapid technology evolution is changing the way we learn, work, and educate. Virtual Remote Group is helping educators keep up with what’s expected now: highly-available, secure systems that give end-users the tools they require. We believe technology purchases should impact the primary issues facing educational institutions.

  • Improving student retention, engagement, and outcomes

  • Applying technology to teaching and learning

  • Creating a funding model for core services, growth, and innovation

We partner with community colleges, public and private universities, and for-profit learning institutions to create higher education technology solutions that meet the administration and students’ needs.

Making Learning & Teaching EasyInformation Technology helps the teachers and administration to keep track of all students in the classroom

The use of Information Technology in the classroom has left behind the traditional methods of giving long boring lectures. Virtual Remote IT has helped teachers to create interesting audio and visual presentations which will keep the students engaged and will give them a greater understanding of all the concepts. Private session rooms, Teachers progress with courses, Videos isolated to a group of students and such methodology can give rise to interactive sessions between students and teachers. Everyone likes watching video tutorials which cut short old traditional methods of learning. Using Information Technology the whole classroom can be digitalised thus making both teaching and process of learning much easier.Many schools have now digitalised their classroom, by encouraging the students to use information technology to submit their tests, homework and assignments.

Classroom Management

Virtual Remote has helped benefit the School Management of classrooms by its ability to create and organize in a virtual space. Many schools have adopted Learning Management Systems (LMS) that centralize aspects of courses in such a virtual space. Teachers can post documents, eBooks, media, and quizzes that are automatically graded. Assignments can be posted and submitted online and grades can be viewed in a single virtual space. Students can access the LMS anytime and never have to worry about losing a paper or carrying a textbook. LMS also facilitates communication, interaction, and collaboration between students and teachers, providing opportunities to send messages, chat, create wikis, compose documents, blog, and share information much like social media sites.

Listen, Develop & Deliver

We know how important it is for Eduqators to operate at the highest level of productivity with a scalable system. We develope custom solutions and work closely with developers to to deliver highly Integrated technology and flexible cloud computing capabilities to help achieve highest goals. At Virtual Remote, we have the ideal cloud and managed services solution for public schools to county education establishments. We are happy to provide a technology assessment to help you get started.

Virtaul Remote has brought in to consult and implement IT Solutions to provide a strong, reliable foundation for mobile, cloud, and video technologies across LA Colleges.

24X7 Call Center

Desktop Support

Cloud Storage

Network Security

24x7 NOC Engineers

Citrix Solutions

Data Management

SalesForce has helped the different departments to organize dataflow across secure channels.

We believe that technology investments must deliver essential knowledge to end-users to lead to specific business outcomes. Our services are aligned around the following areas:

  • Strategic Technology Planning and Design
  • Information Technology Implementation
  • Procurement/Project Management
  • Data Analysis and Reporting

Wireless Access Points

Equipped with high-performance, high-capacity network switches,Routers, Firewalls and certified team of Cisco Wiresll design engineers, we have delivered WAP solutions in many campuses to roll out updated video cameras—providing advanced security for faculty, staff. Students and faculty alike are now benefiting from access to college-wide fast, reliable WiFi that enables fast transfers of even large volumes of data.Using Cisco Meraki and Aruba’s robust Network Analytics Engine, the IT team can constantly monitor and analyze network performance to prevent disruptions or any changes in performance.

  • Aruba, Cisco Meraki and UniFi APs
  • RADIUS and 2 Factor Authentications