HP ProLiant Servers – HP iLO 2: Configuring the Static IP Address Using the iLO 2 RBSU

HP ProLiant Servers – HP iLO 2 Static IP setup.


FACT:HP Integrated Lights-Out 2(iLO 2)
FACT:HP ProLiant Servers
GOAL:iLO 2 Configuration and Setup Instructions
GOAL:iLO 2 Static IP address Configuration
GOAL:Configuration and setup instructions on HP ProLiant Servers

Solution : Step by Step 
FIX:iLO 2 is configured with a default user name, password, and DNS name. 

Default user information is located on the iLO 2 Network Settings tag attached to the server containing the iLO 2 management processor. Use these values to access iLO 2 remotely from a network client using a standard Web browser.

The default values are:

User name - Administrator
Password - A random, eight-character, alphanumeric string mentioned on the tag
DNS Name - ILOXXXXXXXXXXXX, where the Xs represent the serial number of the server

For security reasons, HP recommends changing the default settings after logging in to iLO 2 for the first time.

Steps for iLO 3 Static IP address Configuration Using RBSU:

This step is necessary only if you are using a static IP address. When using dynamic IP addressing, your DHCP server will automatically assign an IP address for iLO 2. HP recommends using DNS or DHCP with iLO 2 to simplify installation.

To configure a static IP address, use the iLO 2 RBSU with the following procedure to disable DNS and DHCP and configure the IP address and the subnet mask:

1. Restart or power up the server.

2. Press the F8 key when prompted during POST. The iLO 2 RBSU runs.

3. Select Network ->DNS/DHCP, press the Enter key, and then select DHCP Enable. Press the spacebar to turn off DHCP. Be sure that DHCP Enable is set to Off, and save the changes.
4. Select Network -> NIC ->TCP/IP, press the Enter key, and enter the appropriate information in the IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway IP Address fields.
5. Save the changes.

6. Exit iLO 2 RBSU. The changes take effect when user exits iLO 2 RBSU.