How to do Initial NetScaler VPX Setup

How to do Initial NetScaler VPX Setup

Initial configuration is the same for the multifunction Citrix NetScaler, the dedicated NetScaler Gateway Enterprise Edition, and the dedicated Citrix NetScaler Application Firewall appliances. You can use any of the following interfaces for initial configuration of your appliance:

  • First-time use wizard—If you use a web browser to connect to the appliance, you are prompted to enter the network configuration and licensing information, if it is not already specified.
  • LCD keypad—You can specify the network settings, but you must use a different interface to upload your licenses.
  • Serial console—After connecting to the serial console, you can use the NetScaler command line to specify the network settings and upload your licenses,
  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)—If you want to configure a new appliance from a remote network, or if you want to install multiple NetScaler appliances and then configure them without using the console port, you can use DHCP to assign each new appliance an IP address at which you can access the appliance for remote configuration.

Default USer ID/Password: nsroot/nsroot

Using the NetScaler Serial Console

With the serial console, you can change the system IP address, create a subnet or mapped IP address, configure advanced network settings, and change the time zone.

To configure initial settings by using a serial console

  1. Connect the console cable to your appliance. 
  2. Run the vt100 terminal emulation program of your choice on your computer to connect to the appliance and configure the following settings: 9600 baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, parity, and flow control set to NONE.
  3. Press ENTER. The terminal screen displays the Login prompt.
  4. Log on to the appliance with the administrator credentials.
  5. At the prompt, type config ns to run the NetScaler configuration script.
  6. To complete the initial configuration of your appliance, follow the prompts.
    Note: To prevent an attacker from breaching your ability to send packets to the appliance, choose a non-routable IP address on your organization’s LAN as your appliance IP address.

    At the NetScaler command prompt, type:

    set ns config -ipaddress<IPAddress> -netmask<subnetMask>

    add ns ip<IPAddress> <subnetMask> -type<type>

    add route<network> <netmask> <gateway>

    set system user <userName> -password

    save ns config



    cofig ns
    set ns config -ipaddress -netmask
    add ns ip -type snip  
    add route  
    set system user nsroot -password  
    Enter password: ***** 
    Confirm password: ***** 
    save ns config  

    You have now completed initial configuration of your appliance. To continue configuring the appliance, use your web console by using https://netscalerIPaddress (this is your management IP).



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