How to Activate/Extend/Check Windows Server 2012 Status

How to Activate/Extend/Check Windows Server 08/12 Status

Yes, you just have to open command prompt as Administrator (right click and select Run as Administrator) and then enter the command below.

slmgr.vbs rearm


slmgr.vbs /ato

Another way to extend the evaluation period follow the bit mentioned steps below:

  • Open Command prompt as Administrator

Run CMD As Administrator

  • Type the following command “slmgr.vbs /rearm” which reset the licensing status of machine and press enter

reset the licence

  • Restart your server then you will found the evaluation period expired to 180 day



When install the evaluation copy first , it only give us 10 days period. We need to active the windows. Once it is active, we can use for 180 days.


Check the current license expiration day

 Once the server is rebooted, try the volume license key from system properties or use SLUI 3command 

OR for CORE Version:

slmgr.vbs /xpr




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