CITRIX – Remote Scanning Tips

On the client end, Remote Scanning Enterprise Server is installed. We refer this as Remote Scanning Server.

On the Client end, I had an issue where Remote Scan kept crashing. You could see the icon in the taskbar but once you hover over then it disappears.

  • On the workstation :C:\Windows\Twain_32\ All Twain (This is the place where Windows looks for TWAIN driver)
  • Then Remote Scan tech mentioned that exclude TWAIN drivers from drivers resides here. If you see multiple folder/TWAIN drivers then start removing one by one until you see RemoteScan being stable if nothing works then restore all removed folders/drivers in the folder.
  • Move to next step to disable Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) service

Image result for WIA services screenshot


  • Disable Anti Virus and see if this has to do something with RScan crashing.
  • Also, try IrfanViewer scan which invokes basic TWAIN driver and if this is also crashing then you need to investigate something on your machine which might be crashing Remote Scan.
  • You can download Irfan Viewer (basic TWAIN) from to test the Scanning from Citrix XenApp environment.

You can call Customer Support call 1-406-721-0276

On XenApp Server, you will install Remote Scanning Client and you have to ensure the following files are present.

  • First, locate the user home drive by typing a command prompt: Set home
  • Then Go to the following folder to ensure if the Remote Scan is configured properly. c:\users\username\Windows\
  • You should see Twain_32\RemoteScan folder, in this folder, you should see RSTwain_32.dll
  • You should also see c:\users\username\Windows\ Twain_32.dll and TWunk_32.exe which ensures your profile is ready for scanning. 

Note: If you are missing Twain_32.dll, TWunk_32.exe and Twain_32 folder then you can copy/paste it to any user c:\users\username\Windows\ and they will start seeing Remote Scanning as an option. 

Delivery Controller: Ensure to disable TWain Scanning Redirection to ensure it allows Remote Scanning Twain work properly.