Citrix – Ports required for VDA Registration

Symptoms or Error

The following ports needs to be available for VDAs in the Site to use in order for successful registration and session launch:

  • Registration TCP port (80)
  • ICA TCP port (1494)
  • XTE TCP port (2598)
  • HTML5 TCP port (8008)
  • SSL TCP port (443)
  • AudioRTP UDP ports (16500-16509)
  • Spyder ICA UDP port (1494)
  • Spyder XTE UDP port (2598)

VDAs in the Site use these ports to provide access to applications and desktops. If other applications are using these ports, users might not be able to launch sessions and access their applications and desktops.

For a complete list of XenApp and XenDesktop ports, refer to Communication Ports Used by Citrix Technologies


To resolve this issue, peview the ports currently in use in the Site and verify they are not being used by other applications. If needed, resolve port conflicts to ensure the ports are available for the VDAs to use:

1.    Open a command line window on the VDA
2.    Type in <netstat –ano | find “:serviceport”>  (where serviceport is the portnumber being used, for example :80)

C:\>netstat -ano |find “:80”

3.    In the output, the last column represents the process id that is using the port
4.    In the example above, process 4 and 1584 are using the port 80
5.    Use tasklist to find the process using port 80

C:\>tasklist |find “1584”
Httpd.exe 1584 Console 1 132,242 K

6.    In this case,  Apache server is using the process
7.    Decide if you want to stop the process or reconfigure the application in use to use another port.