Citrix Net Scalar

Citrix Net Scalar

Depending on who you talk, NetScalar could be Security appliance or it could be load balancer.

  • It could be Physical (MPX: it can handle million of connection, SDX : Hardware but you host multiple Virtual NetScalers ) or Virtual (VPX : works in Virtual environment Citrix/VMware)
  • Geographical location based or which connection host it connects to, it can perform load balancer
  • IT works from Layer 4 (Transport) to Layer 7 (Application) support based on browser customer is using or Session request via Delivery Controller (ADC)
  • Gateway (SSL VPN, Posture scans and Backend Authentication (RADIUS, LDAP, AD, Multi-factor Authentication etc..)
  • 3 Licensing packages: Enterprise, Platinum, and Standard

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Deploying NetScalar (VPX) in VMWARE :

  • we deploy it in various flavors depending upon  your environment (Citrix, VMWARE, and Hyper V)
  • Download EVal Licenses from Citrix, Deploy OVF and then configure VM Settings







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