Citrix 6.5 XenApp Server – Apps Start Issues

Citrix 6.5 XenApp Server – Apps start issues

I added a new Win2K8 server in the WorkerGroup, I ensured the Rollups were consistent to other LB servers in the workgroup. When tested the XenApp, it will not load. Following commands solutions were applied which seem to have fixed the issue.

On the XenApp Server run Qfarm /load to verify if Connections are allowed, In my case, the connection was allowed visibly under WorkerGroup but when running the command it showed differently. In one case, enabling RDP setting was sufficient to fix the issue. I would try following to test Xenapp server.

  1. Check Remote Desktop Setting, ensure it’s enabled
  2. Run Qfarm /load and check the Server load , if it is 20000 which means Citrix licenses are not applied by the XenApp
  3. Stop Citrix Independent Management Architecture
  4. Open CMD with Admin Privileges >> Run >> dsmint recreatelhc (this will rebuild the LHC)
  5.  Start Citrix Independent Management Architecture

IF above mentioned doesn’t work then try manual License registeration configuration at

XenApp 6.x QFARM /load Reports 20000

Symptoms or Error

After creating and configuring your new XenApp 6 farm, you receive the following error message when trying to launch applications:“An error occurred while making the requested connection”.The output from a Qfarm /load command prompt on a XenApp 6 server indicates a server load of 20000.
User-added image


Follow the instructions below to resolve this issue:

  • Method 1: Remote Desktop
    1. Click Start.
    2. Right-click Computer.
    3. Go to Remote tab.
    4. Ensure the option Allow Remote connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop (less secure) is selected.User-added image
  • Method 2: Licensing
    1. Ensure the Licensing information for the farm is set correctly in Group Policy.
    2. Ensure the correct license server and license ports are configured.
      1. Open the Citrix Delivery Services Console > Policies node.
      2. Assuming the Unfiltered policy is used, select the Computer tab and edit the Unfiltered Policy.
      3. Click Licensing on the left and ensure the correct license server and port details are entered.
    3. Ensure the correct XenApp product version you have licenses for is configured. Click Server Settings and select the product version you have licenses for in the drop down as below in the screen shot below. This should be the version you have licenses for on the license server.
    4. Select Save to save the policies.
    5. On the problem server, run gpupdate /force to apply the policies.

Problem Cause

This error might occur if the Remote Desktop connections are not enabled on the XenApp 6 server or it can be related to XenApp Licensing

XenApp 6 QFarm/load of 20000 and Policy Information is Removed from the Registry

Symptoms or Error

The XenApp 6/6.5 server is unable to contact the license server after a reboot. The output of the Qfarm /load command indicates a server load of 20000.

User-added imageChanging the license server name under policies to a false name and then changing back to the correct name (gpupdate /force and an IMA service restart might be needed) resolves the issue until the server is rebooted.

Citrix Policies created using the Delivery Services Console might not be applied.

You can read about manual License Server registry:


As a permanent solution, install the following hotfix:

CTX126324 – LIMITED RELEASE – Hotfix XA600W2K8R2X64009 – For Citrix XenApp 6.0 for Windows Server 2008 R2 – English

“Restarting the IMA Service while the data store is unavailable results in the temporary deletion of certain farm policy settings from the server. This occurs because reading the settings from the local host cache – intended as a backup mechanism for retrieving farm policy settings in case the data store is down – does not work properly.

Even without this fix, the issue is temporary: restarting the IMA Service as soon as the data store is available again repopulates the farm policy settings. This fix addresses the issue that prevents the proper reading of the farm policy settings from the local host cache in the first place.” – From [XA600W2K8R2X64009][#234694]