Cisco ASA Firewall Intro and Configuration

Cisco ASA Firewall Intro and Configuration

Cisco ASA family starts with small Office HOme Office ASA 5505 then go all the way to 5510/20/30/40, the X series 5580/5585 series.

Normally you define Security levels to segregate internet/network traffic.  There are few security parameters are passed through two fundamental concepts which truly are the backbone of ASA firewall.

  1. NAT /PAT
  2. Access Control List (ACL)


Image result for cisco asa firewall interfaceImage result for cisco asa firewall interface

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!! Erase current configuration 

# wr erase ! it will only remove startup config

#reload ! it will start will fresh configuration

!! Configure ASA Firewall

#config t

# Config factory-default ! apply factory defaults

# wr ! write memory


# copy star run  ! does same thing as wr command


!! Open a Web Browser and try to test ASDM: Adaptive Security Device Management to continue configuration  and it should ask you to run either ASDM Wizard or Install ADSM Wizard.

  • Login/Password: hit Ok if this is a fresh install.
  • Follow the prompts and provides specifications as per your company standards


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