Change Bulk Windows Passwords

Change Bulk Windows Passwords

Many accounts in your AD might need a password change. What if you want to do this in bulk?

I normally use the following script to change bulk usernames and passwords by jotting all usernames them together in 1 single file. Get CN names and repace it with $username .

Set-ADAccountPassword -Identity ‘CN=$username,OU=A ,OU=Portal,DC=ABC,DC=$Domain,DC=com’ -Reset -NewPassword (ConvertTo-SecureString -AsPlainText “p@ssw0rd” -Force)

I also use the following for a quick password reset

Change Windows password for a domain user

  1. Run Command Prompt as an administrator, or start Windows 10 in safe mode with Command Prompt at the login screen.
  2. Type net user /domain USERNAME NEWPASS. Replace USERNAME and NEWPASS with the actual username and a new password for this user.
  3. If the actual username consists of more than two words, place it inside quotation marks.
  4. Hit Enter.

Change Windows password for a domain user with PowerShell

  1. Run PowerShell as an administrator.
  2. Use the Set-ADAccountPassword cmdlet to change the user’s password:
    Set-ADAccountPassword -Identity $user -Reset -NewPassword (ConvertTo-SecureString -AsPlainText "$newPass" -Force)
    Replace $user and $newPass with the actual username and a new password.
  3. Hit Enter.