An E-commerce marketing plan is developed by focusing on three objectives: helping new visitors to find the website, turning visitors into customers, and enhancing your website’s usability and after-sale marketing to encourage repeat visitors.

Enticing visitors and converting visitors work hand in hand. One without the other dramatically reduces the opportunities for creating new customers. A website needs to entice new visitors to visit and then provide sufficient incentive to turn those visitors into a buying customers.

Helping new visitors find a company’s e-commerce website is largely dependent on search engine positioning and banner advertising. A successful e-commerce marketing team needs to have expertise in search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing, social media marketing, and display advertising to reach the top of search results.


Custom design packages

Get a custom design that’s unique to your brand and responsive to your customers’ shopping needs.

Design add-ons

Choose the custom design elements you need, from custom branding to landing page designs.

Free Ecommerce templates

Pick from one of our free templates to quickly set your design and start selling.

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Premium ecommerce templates

Impress your customers with a professional store design created by our team of web design experts. Select from premium templates starting at $50.

Responsive ecommerce templates

Choose from our selection of free and premium responsive templates, ready to adapt to any screen size.

Payment Processing

Securely accept all major credit cards worldwide.

SSL Certificates

Secure customer payments and transactions.

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Domain names

Find the perfect web address for your ecommerce website.

Integrated live chat

Answer questions and boost sales with integrated Live Chat software.

Fraud protection

Protect your business from fraudulent


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