EagleSoft :Intra Oral Schick USB Camera Set-up Instructions

Schick IntraOral USB Camera Set-up Instructions (EagleSoft)



  1. From the Clinical or Front Office screen in Eaglesoft, click File | Preferences. Choose the X-ray tab. At the bottom, click the Video button.
  2. For Capture Card, choose Standard Windows Driver Model Device.
  3. For Default Device, choose Schick Technologies USBCam; Video
  4. Under the Default Device, select the buttons to be Freeze/Save.
  5. To capture images, click on the IntraOral Camera on the Clinical virtual screen or go to Activities | Images | New IntraOral Images.
  6. If a default video template has been setup under Clinical Preferences, you will be taken into the Advanced Imaging screen where you would need to click on Acquire to open the Video Exam Screen.
  7. The Video Exam screen allows you to view the live streaming video.
  8. If there is no default video template setup it will bring you to the Advanced Imaging screen with the Video Exam window already up ready to view and take images.
  9. To capture an image, click the capture button on the camera to first Freeze. Click the button again to Save the image. You will see the number count on the Video Exam window go up each time you take an image.
  10. Once you are finished taking all your images, click the red x to close out of the Video Exam screen. This will bring you back to your template to view all your images.

To Create a Template

  1. Go to Lists | Image Templates and click New.
  2. Give the new image template a name on the Image Template Description line.
  3. Make sure Default Source is set to Video Capture.
  4. In the grid, mark the appropriate number of boxes for the template. Each template position should show a picture of an intraoral camera in the upper right-hand corner.
  5. Click OK to save your changes and close out of the Image Template List.

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