IMA Service Fails to Start and MFCOM Service is Unresponsive in Starting State

Symptoms or Error

IMA Service fails to start and MFCOM Service is unresponsive in starting state.

Event ID: 7024
The Independent Management Architecture service terminated with service-specific error: 2147483649 (0x80000001).

– Or –

The IMA service terminated with service-specific error: 2147483647


Complete the following steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Stop the mfcom.exe service using the Task Manager.
  2. Execute the following commands:
    • Dsmaint recreatelhc
    • Dsmaint recreaterade
  3. Start the IMA Service and MFCOM Service.

Note: This issue can occur when a physical server is converted to virtual using XenConvert or similar utility. It can also appear when XenApp is uninstalled and reinstalled. We have to disable the service, reboot the server, and then perform the dsmaint funtion. If the service is not disabled and stopped, then the dsmaint function may not work.

If you do not see MFCOM under processes tab in Task manager or IMA fails to start.

  • Change the log on of IMA service to local system after recreating LHC and RADE (step 2 above).
  • Now attempt to start IMA

Problem Cause

Observing the services manager, MFCOM Service shows status as “starting”. MFCOM and IMA Service fail to start because of a corrupt radeoffline DB.

Note: This issue also occurs after an incomplete or corrupted install of a Citrix Hotfix. Ensure to terminate the MFCOM32.exe as instructed in the Solution section of this article and re-install the hotfix properly. This also ensures that the MFCOM Service starts successfully.