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  • How to install Windows 10

    How to install Windows 10

    How to install Windows 10: download and upgrade from Windows 7 or 8.1 Step 1: Head to Microsoft’s new Windows 10 download page and click on the link for the 64-bit version. Only use 32-bit if your computer doesn’t have a 64-bit processor. There’s no need to save the file – just choose the Run […]

  • 4 Basic Switch Settings You Must Know

      There are five configurations a network administrator should apply to a newly provisioned switch or router. Although application of these configurations may seem like common sense, 90% of devices I see are missing at least one of these settings, and about 75% are missing two or more. Use this checklist as an action item […]

  • Cisco switch commands, tips and tricks

    To see all ip addresses of switch : To see all ip addresses of switch use command `show ip aliases‘. This can be very useful in case switch is going to get IP from DHCP server.   To avoid logging messages from disturbing you while typing Many times when we are connected to switch through […]

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