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CITRIX – Remote Scanning

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CITRIX – Remote Scanning

CITRIX – Remote Scanning Tips

On the client end, Remote Scanning Enterprise Server is installed. We refer this as Remote Scanning Server.

You can publish Irfan Viewer (basic TWAIN) from to test the Scanning from Citrix XenApp environment.

You can call Customer Support call 1-406-721-0276

On XenApp Server, you will install Remote Scanning Client and you have to ensure the following files are present.

  • First, locate the user home drive by typing a command prompt: Set home
  • Then Go to the following folder to ensure if Remote Scan is configured properly. c:\users\username\Windows\
  • You should see Twain_32\RemoteScan folder , in this folder you should see RSTwain_32.dll
  • You should also see c:\users\username\Windows\ Twain_32.dll and TWunk_32.exe which ensures your profile is ready for scanning. 

Note: If you are missing Twain_32.dll, TWunk_32.exe and Twain_32 folder then you can copy/paste it to any user c:\users\username\Windows\ and they will start seeing Remote Scanning as an option. 

Delivery Controller: Ensure to disable TWain Scanning Redirection to ensure it allows Remote Scanning Twain work properly. 



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